Hi beauties! I’m Elizabeth. I have a hard time talking about myself, but wanted to take the time to give you all a little insight on who I am. It’s so important to choose an artist that you can relate to or understand. I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters, divorced and have always worked for everything my children have wanted. Raised in Rochester, NY I have a hardworking mentality, yet I always was attracted to the tropical climate of Florida because of my Caribbean/Latina heritage. I have traveled all over the USA, and have a very colorful background to date working in several industries. From running an office as an executive administrative coordinator with Nike Inc, being a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics, a freelance artist with Laura Mercier, and more recently before starting my business a computer technician, I can definitely say my background is very colorful! My love for beauty and fashion has always been a driving force with the companies that I chose to work for, and when microblading came onto the beauty scene around 2015 I was already looking into it and became extremely fascinated with the procedure.

For those who may not know, in brief Microblading is a tattoo procedure that allows a professional artist like myself to create “hair like” strokes with a blade that is specific in creating 3D like hair follicles onto the eyebrow. No hair is removed, yet when done properly helps open the eyes giving you a more youthful and finished look with perfectly sculpted eyebrows. I knew that being my own boss was a goal. I knew that I wanted to make women feel beautiful. I knew that often I went through several phases in my life as a young woman with no guidance, no help with my children, and how often I felt defeated with the dead ends I saw for myself while working for other companies, and not executing my dreams. Although I worked for some of the best companies in the world, honestly there is nothing more gratifying than working for yourself, doing something that you love, all while helping other people feel good about themselves and giving them somewhere to come, put their fears aside, and walk out feeling beautiful. Not to mention I made my own schedule and could enjoy my daughters without missing some of the most important moments in their life.

The Dolce Brow Bar was created in 2016 as my mission to become a woman Boss, to inspire my daughters give; to give them someone to look up to, and to help other women and men to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. We often don’t realize that when we do something we love it never feels like we have been working a day in our lives! My first training and certification was in 2016 with the lovely Zoe Chin Loy of “Mint Brows” located in Miami, FL. I then recertified and trained with Zoe in 2017 for Powder eyebrows and Lip Blushing. Recently in early 2020 I trained in Las Vegas with the well renowned Parneet Kaur aka “Neeziie Babiie” and certified in pmu machine for Powder Eyebrows and Tattoo Removal. An artist is as good as how much they invest in their learning. I will continue to learn and strive to be the very best version of myself for my clients, and students. Located in the lovely downtown area of Boca Raton, my studio has been graced by thousands of clients to date. I offer private classes as well, and I am so excited to share my journey as I begin to share more of my brand, more of me, and more beautiful eyebrows!!!