How long does it last?

Your brows will last as long as it’s maintained. Untouched, the pigment will last 6-18 months.

How often do I need a touch up?

Touch ups are recommended once a year, to keep the color fresh and the strokes crisp.

Does it hurt?

There is minimal discomfort associated with the procedure. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area to make you comfortable during the procedure.

What should I do to prepare for my procedure?

Touch ups are recommended once a year, to keep the There’s no prep required. Leaving your eyebrows alone for a week (no tweezing, waxing or otherwise removing the hair) is preferred. Please refrain from injectibles in the treatment area and do not take any aspirin, or vitamins 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

What should I do after the procedure?

Other than make sure your skin is dry and clean – you should follow aftercare instructions for seven to ten days depending on the service you receive.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes roughly about two hours, sometimes more sometimes less. Please allow a solid two and a half hour window for your appointment. We likely won’t need that much time, but this isn’t something we want to rush.

Do I need to take a day off work?

No. There’s no downtime associated with the treatment. Redness and swelling will dissipate within an hour after. Your brows will appear darker initially, but not so dark that you will be prevented from your activities of daily living.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing time varies from individual to individual. Usually, it takes about a week to ten days for the epithelial crust to form and slough off. Your skin will be considered healed after that happens. Then, the pigment takes some time to settle into the skin. A good month should pass before we consider the process complete.

What’s the process like?

Touch ups are recommended once a year, to keep the Microblading is a two-step treatment, consisting of an initial procedure and then a touch up six weeks after. After we take your before photo, we shape your eyebrows and decide on the color. Shortly after that, a topical anesthetic will be administered to ensure comfort. Once you’re numb, the pigment is deposited.

During healing, it’s normal to experience some pigment loss; this is why we have the touch up in place.

The process is considered to be complete 6 weeks after the first touch up.

What can’t I do after the procedure?

You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry – that means no swimming, sweating or otherwise getting the area wet; no tanning or prolonged sun exposure; no picking or peeling of the treatment area. You can still wash your hair and face and once they’re healed up, you treat them as your own.

Am I suitable for microblading?

You are not a suitable for this service if you are:
pregnant or nursing

– history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring
– you have viral infections and/ or diseases
– botox ( you should wait 2 weeks before/after
getting microbladed)
– accutane, isotretinoin, or other strong retinoid treatments in the past year
– heart conditions or have uncontrolled
High Blood Pressure
– poor general health
– diabetic (require doctor’s clearance )
– chemotherapy (you should wait a year, also
consult your doctor, and a required doctors clearance)
– excessively oily skin
– right after strong chemical peels
– any skin disease symptoms or irritation appearing
on brows
– extreme sensitivity to pain



In the first week as the scabs form in order to heal, they may look even darker/thicker due to some swelling.


The 2nd and 3rd week you may think they even disappeared all together (this is due to the new skin forming over the treated area).


Week 4 is where natural exfoliation has happened and the color emerges. Generally, only the client will notice the changes. It will look like you had your eyebrows tinted that day (which looks darker initially). The brows may also appear thicker than you might like, however, this settles after 10 days, as swelling recedes and the hair stroke will shorten as a result. Swelling/edema is really very minimal, however it must be mentioned thatsome swelling happens. It’s a 2 step process and the 2 visits MUST be completed to achieve the semi permanent brow. If you do not return for your 2nd visit it is half a job done and a less than satisfactory result obtained, which is a waste of your money.

A few days after your procedure you may feel that the strokes are hard to see. Below are example presentations of what what the eyebrows may look like between your first and your second visit.

DON’T PANIC! This is a normal healing process and fully expected. After your second visit you will love your new eyebrows and are set for about a year.