Let me Introduce Myself

Hi everyone! It’s Elizabeth, CEO and Head Artist of The Dolce Brow Bar. As you may know I’m officially going into my 5th year of business soon! How exciting right?! It has been alot of hard work, late nights, long days, and many sacrifices that I had to make to stand here today and say I am still in business and growing!!!

I have always been pretty transparent with my clients during their sessions, but never to the public. I decided along with some of my new team members that it was time to show a more personal side of me. I’m an artist right? My artistry and love for the arts actually don’t only include permanent makeup. I love to cook, paint, sing, write, dance, and well; write. (Big Smile) I have always been a poet, and always loved to express myself with words since I was a young girl. I remember winning the Wee Wribbet Handwriting contest when I went to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow middle school. My poem was published in a book and I never stopped expressing myself through my writing.

Of course as a young single mom, I continued to write, but a few things deterred me from continuing my passion. This blog will be my way of expressing myself, and sharing some cool things with my audience. From fashion ideas, yummy food recipes, and of course information that pertains to the pmu and beauty world.

I hope to share and inspire artists old and new as I take this journey into sharing a little more of my world with you. So I hope you take my hand as I take you through my artistic journey through my new little blog home.

Feel free to send me any suggestions or things that you would like to read or see!!

Lots of Love,
Elizabeth M
CEO Head Artist
The Dolce Brow Bar